SOMALIA, Goddes Tyche, Ahmedou Oul Abdalla and Sh Shariif.

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

AFR07_SOMALIA-CONFLICT-_012AMISOM is the main reason for the fierce fighting in the Somali capital over the weekend. Professional liars, impersonating diplomats, and criminal gangsters, impersonating AMISOM authorities, have the tendency to deny this reality, but the only truth is that the new phase of the Somali fratricidal war is only due to one main issue, namely the presence of the loathsome foreign soldiers who serve tyrannical regimes of Africa that are all viciously Anti-Somali.

A brief sample of the incredible lies said by AMISOM authorities is the following, due to Major Barigye Bahoku, spokesman for the AMISOM:

“There have been some skirmishes in Mogadishu, especially in the northern suburbs and parts of Mogadishu for about couple days ago. And the information we have does indicate that the forces of government on the one side and the forces opposed to the peace process on the other side and the clan militias who can fall on either side, are the ones who have been involved in these skirmishes”.


This is a filthy lie; those who fight against the totally unrepresentative TFG appointed president and government do desire peace in Somalia. They are not opposed to a “peace process” but they don´t want foreigners to impose any sort of pseudo-process on Somalia. And they are very rightful in this.

Peace Will Never Be Imposed on Somalia From Abroad

Peace was never imposed on a country from abroad. This would be the peace of the defeat. This “peace” was administered to Germany after the end of WW II by the occupying forces. But in the case of Germany, there was a war of the allied forces against the Nazi regime of the country.

Who is fighting against Somalia today so that a “peace” be imposed from abroad?

This is the question one should ask the irrelevant and criminal liar, Major Barigye Bahoku, who represents a force of foreign occupation that intends in secretive way to impose a loathsome regime on the Somali Nation – only because this befits the criminal colonial interests of England, France and America that have long targeted Somalia´s existence.

This is the shameful international farce that has been devised against Somalia by the evil forces that are lurking in the darkness in order to further escalate the Horn of Africa crisis:

1. First, they forced the previous TFG president to resign and “go home”. Abdillahi Yousef was a loathsome person viewed by all the Somalis as a traitor and puppet of the English colonials and the Anti-Somali Abyssinian racists. But he did not have the intention to resign; he did so, obeying to his secretive masters´ orders, because he owed to them everything. Without having been initiated to the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge in London – where he learnt well how cheap life can be and how one must not refrain from every evil act that would promote personal interest and profit – Abdillahi Yousef would not have made his shameful and dishonorable career of traitor, puppet, gangster and Mafia lord.

2. Second, they selected a gullible and naive sheikh who imagined possible for the colonial diplomats of England and France to be trusted, and for their words and promises to be believed and materialized. This gullible and naive sheikh therefore believed the words of the “good Muslim” Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, the Special Representative for the UN Security Council.

One may wish to ask why Sheikh Sharif believed the words and promises of Ahmedou Ould Abdallah. The answer is simple: because the Mauritanian diplomat did his ingenious best to show personal interest in, and commitment to, the Cause of Somalia. In fact, he has none. He even does not have an interest in the affairs of his own country that, small, impotent and marginal as it is would never have the means to promote Ahmedou Ould Abdallah to the UN Security Council. It is even a mistake to take this person as a Mauritanian; his origin certainly hinges on the huge but almost uninhabited West African country (3 million people for more than 1 million km2). But Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, who studied for many long years in Paris and was then initiated in the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge (in order to be effectively used for the needs of the French colonial policy and the Freemasonic schemes that are hidden behind it), knows very well that all his power and all his possibilities are limited within the circle of French colonial diplomacy and the international Freemasonry. His Mauritanian identity is meaningless to him.

Ignoring such realities concerning your interlocutor can have detrimental results. In fact, Sheikh Sharif, the ignorant and gullible guy, who thought possible for Ahmedou Ould Abdallah to tell the truth – even once –, does not even know for what purposes the Mauritanian diplomat, who is implementing French Freemasonic policies, “helps” him. Everything that Ahmedou Ould Abdallah told him is a lie. What is even more characteristic of typical circumstances like this is that perhaps even Ahmedou Ould Abdallah does not know the real purposes of the work that he was ordered by the French Freemasons to implement in Somalia – most probably he only knows a part of it. This is a customary trait of hierarchical societies´ involvement in politics.

3. Third, to properly implement the puppet´s promotion to a President of Nothing (well, I am sorry, President of the TFG !), Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, with the help of illegally used / channeled money, “bought” the TFG presidency for his ignorant and gullible designee who saw goddess Tyche (in Latin: Fortuna) smiling to him and to his country. Sheikh Sharif would have never imagined the success to be so easy! Instead of penitently crossing the streets of Asmara and the squares of Djibouti, he would now be back to Mogadishu, as “president” elect! Who could have ever imagined that?

4. What space of flexibility and what margin of maneuver are left to the gullible sheikh who is now the president of some militias and ruthless gangsters, who a few months ago could even assassinate Sheikh Sharif, only to please the fancy of the previous TFG “president”? Nothing. Well, when you are left without margin of maneuver in politics, you either are puppet or dead. But of course, the naive and hopeful sheikh didn´t have time to thoroughly study Machiavelli. Perhaps he may even find Machiavelli as immoral and wicked. For once, I would agree with him. The problem is that Machiavelli is the embodiment of Ahmedou Ould Abdallah´s part of mind that was never revealed to Sheikh Sharif – the patchwork of conquest that all the evil people hidden behind Ahmedou Ould Abdallah have made theirs, plunging the world into ceaseless conflicts and wars.

5. As Sheikh Sharif has no margin of maneuver, he relies on foreign soldiers (those of AMISOM and the African Union – another body controlled by the international Freemasonry through different channels) in order to achieve predominance over his fellow countrymen. This is merely said high treason. How greatly moral for a … sheikh to do so!

Who could imagine the Shah of Iran, using European and American soldiers against the Islamic revolutionaries?

What would the Pakistanis say if President Zardari asked Indian soldiers to fight against Pakistan´s Taliban? This is precisely what Sheikh Sharif is doing now, as he is opposing the only real process of peace.

This is a provocation, some would say.

This provocation is now named in Somalia “Sheikh Sharif”.

It is up to the Somalis to eliminate the provocation.

A real process of peace in Somalia would involve the following:

1. Removal of AMISOM soldiers

2. General Assembly of all Somali tribes´ representatives

3. Formation of a provisory government to open the path for Constitutional Elections, with the participation of representatives of all Somali socioeconomic entities and political – ideological currents

4. Coordination with the UN and the Islamic Conference Organization for an international force that would eliminate the secessionist pseudo-governments of Somaliland and Puntland

5. Coordination with the UN, NATO, Russia, China, and India on the termination of the Somali piracy epiphenomenon which is the most grave ambush in the path of Somalia´s pacification, which was devised by the English secret services.

6. Constitutional Elections, adoption of a Bi-cameral Constitution, and election of a Government


Picture: Temple of Hadrian in Ephesus – today Efes, Western Turkey. It was built before 138 A.D by P. Quintilius and was dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian, who came to visit the city from Athens in 128 A.D The facade of the temple has four Corinthian columns supporting a curved arch, in the middle of which contains a relief of Tyche, goddess of victory. The side columns are square. The pedestal with inscriptions in front of the temple, are the bases for the statues of the emperors between 293-305 CE, Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius I, and Galerius; the originals of the statues have not been found yet. From:

Source: HRW


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